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Conditional sentence is a compound sentence that has more than one idea in it. Usually compound sentence has main clause and subordinate clause.
There are 3 kinds of compound sentences. Any kind is made up of pairs of different tenses.

1.      Conditional sentences type 1
Is a form of conditional sentence that serves declare an event that might occur if the conditions are met. This sentence is formed with the main clause of “simple future tense” and the subordinate clause of  “simple present tense”.


·         If I don’t eat breakfast, I always get hungry during class.
·         I the weather is nice tomorrow, we will go on a picnic.
·         If I don’t eat breakfast tomorrow morning, I will get hungry during class.
·         I will go to Surabaya if I have money.
·         If you need some money, I will lend it.
·         If the weather is bad, I won’t go swimming.
·         If she studies hard, she will pass the examination.
·         If the young boy plays in the rain, he will be sick.

2.      Conditional sentences type 2
Form of conditional sentence that serves to declare an event of wishful thinking or fantasy to something contrary to the exiting circumstances. This sentence is formed with the main clause of “past future tense” while the subordinate clause the sentence “simple past tense”.


·         If I had enough money, I would lend you some.
Fact: I don’t have enough money now, so I can’t lend you any (present)
·         If I were rich, I would buy a villa in Kusadas?
Fact: I am not a rich, so I can not buy a villa in  Kusadas?

·         If she weren’t so shy, she would enjoy parties.
Fact: she is so shy, that is why she doesn’t enjoy parties.
·         If we had central heating, the house wouldn’t be cold.
Fact: we haven’t central heating, so the house is rather cold.
·         If I didn’t live near  mt house, I would spend much time travelling to work.
Fact: I live near my office, so I don’t spend much time travelling to work.
·         If I could drive, I could take the car.
Fact: because I cannot drive, we cannot take the car.
·         If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I’d come to the cinema with you.
Fact: I will work tomorrow, so I can’t come to the cinema with you.
·         If he shaved, he wouldn’t look unattractive.
Fact: he never shaves so he looks unattractive.
·         It is raining. I wish it would stop.
Fact: I want it to stop raining.
·         I’m expecting a call. I wish the phone would ring.
Fact: I want the phone to ring.
·         It’s going to be a good party. I wish you would come.
Fact: I want you to come.
·         We’re going to be late. I wish you would hurry.
Fact: I want you to hurry.

3.      Conditional sentences type 3
Form of a conditional sentence to be used if we imagine other possibilities of an event in the past. This sentence in a form with a main clause of past perfect future and the subordinate clause of past perfect tense.


·         If she had studied hard enough, she would have passed the test.
Fact: she didn’t study hard enough, so shy didn’t pass the test.
·         If I hadn’t driven so fast, I wouldn’t have had an accident.
Fact: I drove so fast, so I had an accident.
·         If Merve and Senem had seen the signal, they would have stopped.
Fact: merve and senem didn’t see the signal, so they didn’t stop.
·         If it had not been raining, I would take the kids to the beach.
Fact: it was raining, so I didn’t take the kids to the beach.
·         If we had had enough money, we would have gone by air.
Fact: we didn’t go by air only because we hadn’t enough money.
·         People could have escaped from the burning wall if the exit door hadn’t been blocked.
Fact: the exit door were blocked, so people couldn’t escape from the buring wall.
·         If she had heard the clock ring, she wouldn’t have been late for work.
Fact: she was late for work, because she didn’t hear the clock ring.

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